Minimum Size - Maximum Performance.

Art.No.: 1176 (MS 2006 N/D 230V AC)
Art.No.: 1177 (MS 2006 N/D 115V AC)

Very compact processor-controlled ministrob with LC-display, mains-operated.

small dimensions, ultra-light weight, trouble-free processor-technologie, precise fine adjustment of flash frequency by foil key pad with cursor setting, standby with data-hold function, restart with last measured value by tipping any arrow key, automatic power "OFF" with last measured value stored, stabilized voltage, temperatur constant.

General Data
Light Source: flash bulb, internal
Flash bulb: socket mounted Xenon-longlife, model MS 2000, Art.No.: B10619
Light intensity: max. 450 Lux in 50cm distance from reflector (beam axis)
Flash duration: approx. 2-7µs
Frequency range: 1 - 335 Hz = 60 - 20.100 RPM (min-1)
Trigger action: internal oscillator
- Internal control: by "foil key pad" with cursor setting, standby after 5 minutes, with data-hold and power "OFF" function. Last value will be stored.
Display: LC-display with 2x8 characters, can be switched to Hz (flashes per sec.) or RPM (min-1)
Memory: last set value
Accuracy: < ± 0.01% of set value ( f / Hz ) (quarz timing)
Flash power control / range switching: automatically
Technical Data
Power supply : 230V - 250V AC, 50-60 Hz or 115V AC, 50-60 Hz
Housing : shatterproof plastic, VDE-approved
Dimensions : 155 x 80 x 60 mm
Weight : approx. 0,550kg
Notice : Special models of this series with extended frequency range (up to 500Hz) or higher light intensity (max.600 Lux) on request.
Internal control / trigger action without standby on request (constant power).
Special Stroboscopes on request.

Instruction Manual

Data Sheet