General Data
At the top of RISHISTROB range, a complete and reliable professional stroboscope with high characteristics and performances
Range up to 25.000 flashes/min
STROB function: stopped images happens at submultiple frequencies of the real frequency, while flash brightness is always with high intensity
Flash control by internal oscillator and by external trigger, with tachometer function
Frequency regulation quick and precise with two potentiomaters for coarse and fine adjustment
Speed readout in RPM and Hz
Large dot matrix LCD display for easy RPM readout
High brightness of flash lamp
Automatic control of brightness on two intensity
Phase-shifter circuit, to obtain the angle of observation into the most favourable position on 360°
Standard 0-5V TTL output, to connect external devices
Available with internal or separate lamp : it is possible adding up to 5 separated Lamp
HD25 : with internal lamp
HD25/LS : with external separate lamp, a remote Control Unit and one or more separate Lamp; lenght of cable betwenn Control Unit and Lamp can be over 20 meters, to positioning instrument and Lamp into different rooms
220Vac-50/60Hz power supply
Rugged and reliable
Compact, light-weight
Encased in a rugged, high-impact plastic housing, with handle for the best portability
Fully complies with CE and RAEE directives

Instruction Manual

Data Sheet