If a rapidly rotating or oscillating object is illuminated always at the same position with periodic flash lights it appears to stand still or to move in slow motion. An object illuminated with flashlight stroboscopes only appears to stand still, of the rate of speed and oscillation is in complete unison with the flash rates respect, if it is multiple of the flash rates. This enables besides of the observation also exact no contact measurements. A further possibility is the apparent slowing down of quick processes by shifting the flash rates to a certain amount in comparison with the real rates of speed. For example you get an apparent rate of speed of 6/min although the object is rotating with 3.00/min, if the flash rates are adjusted to 2.994 or 3.006 flashes/min.

Electrical Industry, Mechanical Engineering, Car Industry, Textile Industry, Optical Industry, Printing and Paper Industry, Ship-building and Aircraft Industry, Chemical Industry and medical applications.

Technical Data
Voltage : 220-250 V, 50-60 Hz
Flash Tube : Xenon Longlife Plug-in
Light Intensity : Max.350 Lux
Flash Duration : 7ms
Flash Duration : 7ms
Frequency Range : 0.500-166.6 Hz = 30…10.0001/min
Accuracy : +/- 1% RPM
Housing : Plastic
Weight : 750 g
Dimensions : 155 x 80 x 65

Instruction Manual