The HD50 stroboscope is always used in all Production and Maintenance Industries, wherever motion sequences have to be analysed or rotation speeds have to be measured. observation on textile and printing machines – quality control – observation of mechanical deformations – packaging – laboratories – etc.

General Data
Frequency range: 200 – 5.000 flashes/min
(External signal up to 128.000 impulse/min are accepted)
Direct Use: flash frequency 200 - 5.000 flashes/min
Automatic Division Use: flash frequency 200 - 4.000 flashes/min
(Automatic flash division set at 4.000 flashes/min)
Divider Freqency: automatic flashing Division: 2 :4 :8 :16 :32, on external signal and Internal oscillator
Flash Control: by internal oscillator not devided - by internal oscillator devided - by external signal devided
Internal Oscillator: coarse and fine adjustment of flash frequency
External Trigger: electric signal >1Vpp - inductive sensor -photocells - microswitch - (with tachimetric function)
Display: by means of dot matrix LCD display in RPM
Resolution: 1 RPM
Delay Time: adjustable from 0,1 a 60 ms. approx
Lamp: long life xenon white light tube
Flash Energy: 40 – 300 mWs/flash (in Automatic Flashing Division Use flash energy is always max)
Technical Data
Power supply : 220Vac - 50/60 Hz
Dimensions : 160 x 140 x 230 mm - WEIGHT 1,000 kg

Instruction Manual