General Data
Portable stroboscope with high brightness and small dimension
Ideal whenever it is necessary high brightness and high portability
Flash frequency up to 10.000 flashes/min
STROB function: stopped images happens at submultiple frequencies of the real frequency, while flash brightness is always with high intensity
Flash control by internal oscillator and external trigger, with tachometer fucntion
Frequency regulation quick and precise with two potentiometers for coarse and fine adjustment
Large dot matrix LCD display for easy RPM readout
Rechargeable battery power supply
Double AC/DC power supply (by means of the supplied AC adapter) : 220Vac + internal rechargeable battery
Phase-shifter circuit, to obtain the angle of observation into the most favourable position on 360°
Automatic control of brightness of flash lamp on two intensity
Light-weight and small dimension for hand-held operations
Simple to use
Compact, rugged, reliable
Encased in a rugged, high-impact plastic housing
Supplied with charger
Fully complies with CE and RAEE directives

Instruction Manual

Data Sheet