Ergonomically styled small size stroboscope with LC-display and maximum performance, special model either with increased frequency range or higher light intensity.

Art.No.: 3128 erhöhter Frequenzbereich / increased frequency range
Art.No.: 3129 erhöhte Lichtintensität / higher light intensity

Very compact, ergonomically styled processor-controlled ministroboscope with LC-display and external power pack operation. (power pack 2020.03 optional)

Small dimensions, low weight, innovative and elegant design, trouble-free processor-technology, Standby with data-hold function (last measured value will be stored), restart by tipping the encoder, very precise fine adjustment of the flash frequency by encoder with cursor shifting, stabilized voltage, temperature constant.

General Data
Light Source: flash bulb, internal
Flash bulb: socket mounted Xenon-longlife, model MS 2000, Art.No.: B10619
Light intensity: Art.No. 3128:
max. 450 Lux in 50cm distance from reflector (beam axis)

Art.No. 3129:
max. 600 Lux in 50cm distance from reflector (beam axis)
Flash duration: approx. 2 - 7µs
Frequency range: Art.No. 3128:
0,5 - 500 Hz = 30 - 30.000 RPM (min-1)
with automatic flash power control

Art.No. 3129:
0,5 - 335 Hz = 30 - 20.100 RPM (min-1)
with automatic flash power control
Trigger action: internal oscillator
- Internal control: by rotary pulse encoder, cursor control by "Push&Turn",
Standby with data-hold function (after 2 minutes),
last value will be stored
Display: LC-display with 2 x 8 characters, can be switched to Hz (flashes per sec.) or RPM (min-1) reading.
Memory: last set value
Accuracy: < 0,01% of the set value ( f / Hz )(quarz timing)
lash power control / range switching: automatically
Technical Data
Power supply : 12V DC
Power consumption: 1,7A
Housing : ergonomically styled industrial design, shatterproof plastic, VDE-approved
Dimensions : 155 x 95 x 85 mm
Weight : approx. 0,450 kg
Notice: Recommended accessory: Power Pack Type 2020.03
If the powerpack type 2020.03 is not required we enclose a special battery cable with clamp coupling free of charge.
Internal control / trigger action without standby request (constant power).

Instruction Manual

Data Sheet