General Data
FREQUENCY RANGE 200 - 30.000 flashes/min (ext signal up to 128.000 flashes/min are accepted)
DIRECT FLASHING USE flashes frequency 200 - 30.000 flashes/min
AUTOMATC FLASHING DIVISION USE flashes frequency 200 - 4.000 flashes/min
(automatic flashing division set at 4.000 flashes/min)
DIVIDER FREQUENCY automatic flashing division :2 :4 :8 :16 :32 on external signal and internal
FLASH CONTROL by internal oscillator not devided (INT) - by internal oscillator devided
by external signal devided
INTERNAL OSCILLATOR coarse and fine adjustment of flash frequency
EXTERNAL SIGNAL Electric signal >1V - Inductive sensor - photocell - microswitch
(with tachimetric function)
DISPLAY by means of dot matrix LCD display in RPM
(with ext signal is always displayed the real frequency of input signal)
DELAY TIME (PHASE-SHIFT) adjustable from 0,1 to 60 ms. approx
LAMP high brightness long life xenon white light tube
FLASH ENERGY 20 - 180 mWs/flash, depending on frequency range
(in “Automatic Flashing Division Use” flash energy always maximum)
Technical Data
POWER SUPPLY Double AC/DC power supply (by means of the supplied AC adapter):
- Internal rechargeable battery, with external charger.
- 220 Vac - 50/60 Hz, by means of the supplied AC adapter.
Battery life: variable from 1 to 4 hours approx.
Battery recharging time: 10 hours approx (use only the supplied charger).
DIMENSION 115 x 70 x 195 mm
WEIGHT 0,700 kg
ACCESSORIES (supplied) Charger.

Instruction Manual

Data Sheet